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  • TSP Drywell Insert


    Drywell Pretreatment Insert

    Drywell and/or stormwater manhole pretreatment device.

    In Central Oregon there are many direct inject or open grate drywells. These types of drywells have no pre-treatment prior to injecting collected sediments and contaminates to the subsurface contained in storm water.

    Without pretreatment sediments and debris flow directly into the drywell through a grated lid causing an environmental hazard and can eventual make the drywell fail and cause flooding.  The TSP Drywell Insert contains the hydrocarbons/floating debris/oil and grime and sediments within the unit. 

    The TSP Drywell Insert is also a low cost retrofit for sites source controls to meet authorization by rule within the DEQ UIC Program.

    Advantages of utilizing a Direct Inject Drywell-

    Extends the life of a drywell

    Removes hydrocarbons and debris

    No construction necessary for installation

    Reduces maintenance costs

    Oil Sock Mount option for added protection at high risk sites

    Event sample modeling available

    DEQ approved for Rule Authorization

    Standard unit is designed to contain 18" Float-able material and/or contaminants and have 18" Sump for solids, model 1818.

    Model 1836 is built with a 36" sump for more sediment capacity.